Abouts us


Boost up the economy of all the sections of people, mainly for those belonging to lower Strata having low income and below poverty line.

Improve socio-economic conditions by implementing various development programmes/projects for better livelihood.

Improve various welfare programs especially for women and children.


To empower the hand to mouth poor and needy people to middle class families by improving their socio-economic, cultural and political Conditions.


To identify and receive traditional wisdom, values, knowledge, traditional medicines and cultures. Promote environmental sustainability and rights over natural resources and forest regulation, gender protection with development and promotion of Human Rights and Equality.


Lairenmayum Debarani Devi


Sanjenbam Thasana Devi


Khwairakpam Ibomcha Singh


Salient Features

The SARDA is a rural development based organisation for awakening of the Nations especially education for all and Integrated Ecological improvement to save the Mother Earth. Our organisation involves continues propagation, adaptation of traditional values, practices to incorporation increasing demonstration of activities with modern education and technology to enhance quality of life and welfare of peoples subject to all round development. Our Organisation feels the need to boost up the education for all food security and usher in the less material intensive Economics of the future.