Promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGS)

We gave lectures on the ground of thrift and credit for the people to start saving their funds. Many of the rural women were interested and they requested us for providing Loans at a low interest which will help them to grow.

Women Improvement and Children Development Programme

The program aims for the betterment of women and children to get mainstream of life and build support for women’s rights and participation in economic and development.

Food Security and Income Generation

We provided income generation activities like Poultry Farming, Hand Embroidery and Tea Hotel which will be a medium and small source of income. We selected 3 peoples for poultry, 4 for embroidery and 3 for tea hotel from Below Poverty Families.

Re-Construction of Traditional Industries

The Program aims for skill up gradation of rural youths in the fields of indigenous small and medium industries like cane & bamboo, wood crafts, traditional yarn making and handloom industries.

Old Age Welfare Programme

We distributed 200 Blankets, 100 sets of Dress at different 100 old age person (42 males and 58 Females) in the jurisdiction of Imphal West I, II and Sardar Hills West and 1 village at Tamenglong.

Vocational Training on Tailoring and Basket Weaving

We provided 3 months vocational training with special attention on production of trained skill individuals

Allied Agriculture and Horticulture Development

We provided skill development training to produce more cash crops both season and off season. We also selected 25 farmers for the cultivation of Hybrid paddy, tomato and Chakhao Poireiton and distributed Bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

SARDA Scholars and Research Institute

We conducted short and long term trainings for Computer Education, Health Education, Mushroom Cultivation along with formal and informal education to more than 200 youths which includes school drop outs boys and girls.

Micro-Finance Institute (SARDA Bank Project)

The Program aims at improving economic conditions of the whole society. We provided Self Loan (Micro-Credit) to 60 SHG women beneficiaries for improving their life styles.

Health Programme

1 Integrated Health Care

.2 Program includes village wise free health check-up and treatment, Immunization Campaign.

3 Health Education

.4 Health Awareness Campaign with Mobile Medical Unit.